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Building a Cybersecurity Culture in Healthcare: Engaging Staff in Data Protection

Cybersecurity threats have become one of the most urgent issues in the healthcare industry. In 2023, over 540 healthcare organizations experienced data breaches, which affected 112 million individuals. Experts predict these incidents will continue to rise as cybercriminals use artificial intelligence (AI) and complex malicious software (malware) to exploit vulnerabilities in healthcare systems.1   Many healthcare […]

Digital Safety Rx: Best Practices for Healthcare Cybersecurity in 2024

In healthcare, cybersecurity concerns have extensively evolved over the years. Patient records, diagnoses, and treatment plans are no longer confined to paper charts and tucked away in dusty filing cabinets. They’re now smoothly integrated into digital systems, accessible at all times from pretty much anywhere at the click of a button. But just like any reputable healthcare professional wouldn’t leave a patient’s file open on the desk for everyone to see, we shouldn’t leave these digital records at risk of being compromised online.

The Largest Cybersecurity Threat To Your Business: Your Employees

When it comes to cybersecurity, employee training is a step that many employers neglect or undervalue. Too many companies think that installing a suite of antivirus and anti-malware software is enough to protect them from malicious attackers, but in the world of phishing scams and social engineering attacks that just isn’t enough.